Estonian schools get new teaching aid on newspapers

Tallinn, Aug 27, 1999. On the eve of the new school year, starting on Sept 1, teachers in Estonia received a new teaching aid devoted to teaching about the newspaper. Issue No 3 of the Newspaper Paper, published by the Estonian Newspaper Association as part of the Newspapers in Education (NIE) programme, contains stories in various genres about jobs, trades and occupations.

The paper’s aim is two-fold: to teach pupils about different newspaper genres, such as news, opinion, feature, and press photo. The second aim is to provide information about how to choose a profession.

The Newspaper Paper is financed by the Open Estonia Foundation, which has also supported publication of the two previous issues. No 1 was solely devoted to what newspapers are, while No 2 was dealing with elections and election coverage in the press.

Each of the three issues of the Newspaper Paper is accompanied by a set of 20 exercises meant to activate pupils in making use of the newspaper in various classes.

The Estonian Newspaper Association started the NIE programmes in 1998, with assistance from the NIE Committee at the World Association of Newspapers and from NIE groups in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Estonian Newspaper Association

More information: Tarmu Tammerk, Managing Director of the Estonian Newspaper Association, tel (372) 646 1005, e-mail


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